GDO Poland 2019

biedronka logoThe ICE-Agency made an agreement with a Polish supermarket chain for the promotion of ''Made in Italy'' agri-food products during the ''Italian Weeks'', which will be held from January to July 2019, on the shelves of Biedronka, the most important supermarket chain in Poland. 

The Polish market of agri-food products has been registering, since many years, a constant growth thanks to the increase of the disposable income and to the changed lifestyle. Italy is the sixth supplier for agri-food products in Poland, for a value of 833 millions of Euros, whereas it is the most important wine supplier, for a value of 51,1 millions of Euros. Considering the interest of the chain in ''Made in Italy'' products and its presence on all the territory (2,800 sale points), with a turnover of 11 billions of Euros in 2017, an agreeement has been achieved in order to organise, during the period of time from January to July 2019, 3 promotional weeks focused on Italian products with the slogan ''Authentic Italian''.
The supermarket chain indicated that the  average purchase quantity is between 2,000 and 5,000 boxes for each product.

The purpose of the initiative is to promote ''Made in Italy'' products and to encourage the presence of new suppliers on the shelves of the supermarket.


If interested in participating to the initiative, please contact our offices: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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