ICE Agency organizes the “Innovation Days in the USA”, which are dedicated to advanced manufacturing. The event will be held from 10th to 13th November 2019 and is divided in two dates, Salt Lake and Chicago.

The Italian producers are among the main suppliers of industrial goods and offer a wide range of technological solutions, innovative and traditional, to buyers around the world, including North America. Among the foreign USA suppliers, Italy is at the seventh place and second in the EU suppliers. This with a 10,7 billions of usd and an increase of 14,3% from 2017, higher than the world average.

“The Innovation Days” incorporates the Italian Extraordinary Technology promotional brand and is born to highlight the ability of Italian companies to apply the most advanced technologies to the manufacturing industry. The brand is based on the concepts of innovationindustry 4.0 and research-industry collaboration to represent effectively the Italian innovative ecosystem and is conveyed through numerous events and advertising campaigns.

The 2019 edition of the Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Days has been conceived with the purpose of highlighting Italian manufacturing chains from the point of view of technology and innovation, improving their reputation and facilitating the collaborations with USA counterparts in events of high content and commercial profile.

We inform you that the deadline is 24th Juni 2019.

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