Activity sector: Production and sales.
Products: Fork lift truck attachments, lifting tables and forks.
Foundation year: 1945.
Interesting markets: Europe, Extra Europe.
 brief description:
Supply of equipment for the handling of general and paper products. Production of equipment for forklift trucks, lifting platforms and forks. Bolzoni S.p.A. is the world leading supplier of integral side shifts.
Loc. I Casoni - 29027 Podenzano (Pc)
Tel: +39-0523 - 55.55.11 Fax: +39-0523 - 52.40.87
LIFT-TEK ELECAR S.p.A. a socio unico 
Activity sector: Production.
Products: Musts, bearings and cylinders for fork lifts.
Foundation year: 1950.
Interesting markets: Europe, Asia, America.
v. G. Galilei, 9 - 29015 Castelsangiovanni (Pc)
Telefono: 0523 - 84.32.41 Fax: 0523 - 88.10.55
LIFT-TEK ELECAR S.p.A. a socio unico
Activity sector: Production.
Products: All terrain telescopic cranes, telescopic cranes on commercial vehicles, telescopic cranes on crawlers. 
Foundation year: 1973.
Interesting markets: Europe, Extra Europe.
Manufacturing and distribution of crawler cranes, all terrain cranes and truck mounted cranes.
v. Caorsana, 49 - 29100 Piacenza
Telefono: 0523 - 57.37.11 Fax: 0523 - 59.32.53
Activity sector: Production.
Products: Augers, spiral flighting
Foundation year: 1953.
Interesting markets: Europe, Extra Europe.
Design and manifacturing of machines and systems for bulk material handling in various sectors including cement, chemical, food, steel mills and foundries, thermoelectric power stations, purification plants, aluminium smelting and the waste to energy sector.
v. Bubba, 17 - 29122 Piacenza
Telefono: 0523 - 59.66.11 Fax: 0523 - 59.01.28
SAMAG Industriale S.r.l.
Activity sector: Production.
Products: Fork lifts for the inner transport.
Foundation year: 1972.
Interesting markets: Europe.
Manufacture, sales and service of forklift trucks and pallet trucks new and second hand for internal handling.
Loc. Pagana - 29017 Fiorenzuola (Pc)
Telefono: 0523 - 98.15.98 Fax: 0523 - 94.31.28