Activity sector: Production.
Products: Electric panels, automation and telecontrol systems for “Integrated Water Cycle”.
Foundation year: 1998.
Interesting markets: Europe.
Design, construction and installation of electrical panels that control the pumping stations, distribution systems and water purification systems and automation, telemetry and remote control over dedicated networks, GSM networks with SMS devices, speech synthesis and GPRS, Wi-Fi networks , RTC networks, radio and Ethernet networks.
v. Asti, 3 - 29100 Piacenza
Telefono: 0523 - 49.95.53 Fax: 0523 - 49.95.74
Activity sector: Production.
Products: Pressure and temperature gauges.
Foundation year: 1920
Interesting markets: Europe.
v. Bricchi, 16 - 29013 Carpaneto (PC)
Telefono: 0523 - 55.41.39 Fax: 0523 - 35.11.40
Activity sector: Production.
Products: Car and truck antithefts.
Foundation year: 1986.
Interesting markets: Europe, Japan, Maghreb.
Design, production and marketing of security systems and comfort for motor vehicles: mechanical and electronic immobilizers, vehicle satellite tracking devices (GPS), trailer and semi-trailer antitheft devices, storage compartment security locks, antisyphon devices, air conditioners and coding systems, built-in and portable fridges, audio/video devices, parking sensors, nut coverings and air deflectors.
v. Donatori di Organi,3 29010 Castelvetro (PC)
Telefono: 0523 - 82.53.37 Fax: 0523 - 82.53.35
XEO4 S.r.l.
Activity sector: Sevices.
Products: Remote control and monitoring solutions such as GPRS, Ethernet, WiFi, Satellite links.
Foundation year: 2004.
Interesting markets: Europe, Extra Europe.
Offer of advanced services of remote management and remote control via Internet: 3G router, GSM/SMS dialer, information panels, probes and transducers, electric boards in the fields of water/gas net, renewable energies, environment, industry and HVAC/Chiller.
v. Asti, 5 - 29121 Piacenza
Telefono: 0523 - 49.87.21 Fax: 0523 - 40.17.38